Wednesday, December 15, 2004


Fight! Fight!

Bill Kristol in the WaPo on why Donald Rumsfeld is a bad man who eats furry puppies for fuel.

A more rational discussion of realities located here in today's WSJ Opinion Journal. I love the part about Chris Dodd, it's a totally true point often missed/ignored by the media.

Compare, contrast, discuss.

For rational discussion of realities, nobody beats SobekPundit.
Nice plug, croc-daddy. I really don't understand why some "conservatives" have such a problem with Rumsfeld. Wasn't he everybody's darling right up to the fall of Baghdad? According to Franks' book, we were feeding troops into Kuwait somewhat slowly, so as not to tip our hand as to the timing of the attack, and we chose to attack with what we had in place rather than wait for more buildup or the phantom troops of our erstwhile "allies".

The Iraqi army conscripts simply disappeared rather than wait to be captured, the Shiites were more nervous than we anticipated, and our vast experience as an occupying power was on full display for a while. Yet despite all of these unforeseen setbacks, we have adapted, and we are in fact, winning the peace.

I swear this entire country is one gigantic manic-depressive. How the hell did we beat the Germans using gasoline-powered shitcans like the Sherman (using it was a tactical decision to mass-produce what we already had)? How did we beat the Japanese who pioneered suicide tactics (could we firebomb Tehran if we thought it necessary for victory)?
I'm all for legitimate criticism if it stands a reasonable chance of improving things. My conservativism wouldn't get in the way of me tearing Rummy a new hole if I thought that criticism could save even a single U.S. soldier.

But "Rummy is a buck-passer" doesn't save lives. "We should increase funding for X, and decrease funding for Y" might save lives, and I'm willing to give that criticism a fair hearing, from either side of the aisle. But if un-constructive criticism is all Bill Kristol has, then he's a male stripper.
He is hot, though. In a pouty kind of way.
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