Friday, December 17, 2004


Friday at *WORK*

Man, I hate that four-letter word. It's by far the worst.

In addition to my regular job today, I've got to finish up everything before I go on vacation for the next week, so the people working for me know how to find where I put the missiles.

Oh, and yes Virginia, there *is* a Santa Claus, and he is me. I get to play Santa at my office Christmas party, suit and everything.

I guess it's the least I could do, as I meet many of the requirements of a successful Santa Claus: corn-fed girth, hearty laugh, alcoholic red nose. The only thing missing is that whole "Christmas spirit" thing.

Best put-down I've ever gotten, from my buddy Ranger? "Hey Dave, I thought fat people were supposed to be jolly."

Yeah, go eff yourself. When the ape apocalypse comes, and you're scrounging for twigs and berries, and I'll be living off my Taco Bell-reinforced stores of potential energy.

Anyways. . . bottom line, I'll be posting later, as usual.

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