Wednesday, December 29, 2004


Good Lord, I Hate Tom Shales.

Thanks to Little Green Footballs, I saw this wonderful bit over at Scylla & Charybdis:

Tom Shales of the Washington Post makes 10 errors in writing about CBS's Memogate...All In A Single Paragraph.
Wow, there's got to be a prize for that.

Longtime readers of Garfield Ridge know that I consider Tom Shales, the WaPo's television critic, to be a blithering asshat. I swear, the only thing he's written that I ever liked had virtually none of his writing actually in it.

What a fucking choad.

This guy thinks that Shales look likes Roger Ebert. That's an insult to Ebert.

While I disagree with many of Ebert's reviews, let alone his politics, at least he actually knows what he's talking about. Reading a Tom Shales column, you wonder whether he ever lifted his face out of a corn pie long enough to turn on The Surreal Life.

You know how much of a moron he is? He hates The O.C. I could punch him in the throat for that.

Anyways, as long as we're on the subject of who Tom Shales looks like, let me offer a few suggestions:

Martin Prince.

Peter Billingsley.

Air Bud.

Donald Trump.

A horse's ass.

Close, Dave, close. Here's a hint: Have you ever seen "Tom Shales" and Peter Billingsley at the same place and same time?
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