Thursday, December 16, 2004


Good Morning!

One of those days.

This morning, two meetings I had to get to work quickly for.

So quickly, in fact, that I backed out of my driveway into a pickup truck parked *in front* of my driveway.


Thankfully, it was a direct collision with my left tail light and the right end of the pickup's rear bumper. Shattered the plastic light, but except for a little dent along the edges, didn't do anything to my car that touch-up paint couldn't fix.

The pickup? Not a scratch, of course.

The pickup was owned by one of the construction workers renovating the crappy garden-style apartment building next to my house. Would you like to take a guess what our conversation was about?

If you guessed "Nothing!" you win a prize, because I've had furniture that spoke more English.

Deciding that, 1) I was a dumbass, and 2) there was nothing productive to be gained by unleashing my righteous indignation at one of George W. Bush's "guest workers," I handed him the plastic debris, motioned to the dumpster, got in my car and left.

Anyways. Off to my next meeting. More later-- especially about the D.C. baseball fiasco.

Arrrrgggghhhh. . .

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