Wednesday, December 08, 2004



Mug shot of Jill Russell, 40, the prostitute that now-ex-Colorado Rockies pitcher Denny Neagle was caught soliciting last Friday:

But she's got a great personality.

More at the Rocky Mountain News, but why would you want to? Run away now.

This is by far the hottest woman I've seen since Dena Schlosser.

Readers, I would pay $40 just to avoid looking at her.

To avoid inserting my genitalia in her mouth, I'd pay the $19 *million* Denny Neagle lost because of his dalliance with this "woman."

If by "woman" you mean "man."

And if by "man" you mean "Ray Harryhausen undead bone-beast."

I'd rather be rode hard and put away wet by Skeletor.

Seriously, I'd pay nineteen million American dollars to avoid such a fate. How? I'd hold a telethon, that's how. Don't you think every adult male in America would cough up a buck to help me avoid getting a Bobbi Jo from this woman? Hell, Neagle could've made a fortune just by leaving the decision up to us.

Then again, Neagle could have saved a fortune by chopping off his testicles as soon as they started telling his brain that his career was worth sacrificing over a Deadite.

Dumbest. Man. Ever.

H/T to The Mallet, who is a sick, sick man.

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