Thursday, December 02, 2004


I Can't Believe It's Not Butter. . . Spray!

I apologize in advance-- posting today will be a bit light.

In addition to my normal workplace duties, I've also got to submit inputs to my annual performance review. Figuring out what I did in the past year is worthy of recognition is always a chore, and time-intensive.

Somehow, I doubt my boss will accept any of the following inputs:
-- Started a hugely-influential blog called Garfield Ridge. Worked on it way too often at my desk, when I should have been defending the nation against the Communists.
-- Ate fifty hard-boiled eggs at one sitting to win a prison bet.
-- Joined a cult.
-- Self-abused my dignity at least 300 times over the course of the year. Contrary to popular reports, at no time did this self-abuse involve a Nell Carter fansite.
-- One of two men to enter Thunderdome; only one to leave.

I'll throw in a few posts here and there today, but I plan on being back on in earnest this evening. So ya'll come back now, ya here?

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