Wednesday, December 15, 2004


Interesting Poll On The Drudge Report.

Drudge is running a click poll asking readers what they thought was the top Drudge Report headline of 2004.

The obvious thing that leaps out at me is how not a single one of those stories was broken by Matt Drudge. I first heard about each of those stories from another source, although Drudge certainly deserves credit for hyping some of them into much bigger stories.

Now, I'm not criticizing Drudge, who I consider the internet's version of "air" and "water" and "burritos;" he's something you can't live without. If there were no Drudge, we'd have to invent him.

But here's the *real* interesting part about the click poll: he's set it up so you can see the vote tallies in realtime.

Which means we all get to see how many people really read the Drudge Report on a given Wednesday. It's like the biggest Sitemeter on the internet.

However, that also means Drudge could be setting himself-- and his readers-- up for a shock. I can just imagine the crowing from the MSM if Drudge's little poll fizzles out at only a few tens of thousands of votes. They'd love to use that as ammunition that Drudge doesn't matter, that compared to the readership of the New York Times or the viewers of CNN, Drudge, and by insinuation internet media, is a pithy little thing.

I guess that's always the risk you run by baring your site visits to the world. It'd be nice if, like Hugh Hewitt suggested a few weeks back, MSM internet sites added sitemeters to their pages. I'm sure we'd all be curious to know just how many people read Maureen Dowd each day.

My guess is a lot less than read Matt Drudge.

only problem with the logic I see, and it might just be me, is that I probably click on Drudge 10 times a day and I have seen this little thingie a few times today and i have yet to click it ;)

Maybe I am not alone in my ambivalence.


But my general, completely unfounded assumption is that most people on the internet surf like me: if given the opportunity to click something, you click it (obviously, this only applies to painless stuff like polls, and not heinous sidebar ads).

Regardless of which mode of surfing represents the norm, Drudge is now up to 82,915 poll takers. Pretty good so far, I'd think.
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