Thursday, December 02, 2004


Is This Wrong?

I'm a healthy, educated, well-adjusted 30-year-old heterosexual male.

Knowing this, is it wrong to admit that I really can't get enough of The O.C.?

Man, it is just such a great show.

It's so far removed from art, it's anti-art. If it occupied the same space as art, The O.C. would annihilate the art in a quantum explosion of unimaginable destructive force.

The O.C. It's so good, it's Fatality-good.

As a longtime junk television connoisseur, I've watched my fair share of cheese television. Dynasty, Beverly Hills 90210, Melrose Place, and even a little Dawson's Creek thrown in for good measure.

VERY little Dawson's Creek. Just enough to realize they'd never show Katie Holmes naked. Thank God for Sam Raimi; is there anything he can't do?

The O.C. is to all the cheese shows that came before it what the 1999 St. Louis Rams were to football; perfect in every way. The O.C. is the Jeff Speakman of trash television.

If you've never caught it, you simply have to watch it. Give it a few episodes to sink in, but the whip-crack writing, the terrific scenery-chewing, and the really hot chicks make it a Thursday night well-spent.

Plus, as an added benefit, the show balances nice adult soap opera with the high school action, so you don't feel guilty thinking you're watching it for all the high school drama. Very slick work.

Anyways, there's my plug, a big thumbs up for The O.C. from someone who knows his cheese.

P.S. I found some really cool Mortal Kombat animations over at Tim's MK Animation Page. He's made plenty *custom* Mortal Kombat fatalities.


Right on Dave, the OC is the shiznit. I did get dragged into it by my girlfriend, so my masculinity is still not as tattered as yours, but the writing is on point. Last night's episode was an excellent example.

Last night's episode was the bomb! All the kissing. . . all the petting. . . I'm waiting for the hard core outtakes to show up on some distrubing Web site where Summer's breast look like they are from the body double who poses for all the Britney Spears "nude" shots on the Web.

Anyway, I digress. The OC is perfect like chocolate cake. You eat and you really like it. You may not remember it a few minutes after the fact, but it is worth it with the boobs jiggling and the story arcs that are . . ahem. . ripped from today's headlines. Most importantly - it stars Peter Gallagher's eyebrows and Peter Gallagher too!

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