Tuesday, December 07, 2004


It's just not fair.

Last year's Sci-Fi Channel miniseries for Battlestar Galactica turned out to be a surprisingly good show. Gripping and gritty, it was played straight, not at all campy or corny. And you know what? It worked for me.

And, it apparently worked for others, because it got picked up as a series, to premiere on the Sci-Fi Channel this January.

You know what it's good? Aside from hot Cylon chicks?

There were no effin' daggits. Seriously, who builds a robot dog?

Gay Robot Dog + Gay Dorky Kid = Gay-lactica!

Why not a robot cat? I'll tell you why not: you can forget about that episode where the Galactica catches on fire and traps a bunch of crew, forcing Boxey to send Muffy, his daggit, through the air vents in order to get oxygen masks.

A robot cat would tell Boxey "eff you" and go hide in a corner, licking its wires while the crew roasted to death.

Oh, yeah, I remember now: that episode is entitled "Fire in Space." What the hell was it with producer Glen A. Larson and his lame-o episode titles? That's right up there with the Buck Rogers episode "Planet of the Slave Girls."

Anyways, through an unfortunate turn of events, the new series has been running in the United Kingdom for months now. We have yet to see it here in the States, but those limey bastards are up to episode 14. Ain't It Cool News has been getting reviews of the episodes since they started, and all the reviewers have been universal in their praise of the show.

Well, at least I think so-- I only read the non-spoiler summaries, just to see if the show is any good. I don't want to spoil any surprises.

Like that Cylon Dance Party in episode #7. I hear that's going to be funky-licious!

I've seen the first 7 episodes of the new BG and, despite having Glen Larceny as consultant, it is tremendously good! Be sure to cath it on Sci Fi in January!
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