Tuesday, December 28, 2004


Julia Roberts = Braying Horse.

Jonah Goldberg, discussing Ocean's 12 in The Corner, has the following to say about America's Sweetheart (TM):

Ah, you've touched on something that I've been known to rant about around the house. Julia Roberts has lost her looks. No one seems to discuss this, perhaps because she's such a Hollywood industry. But, while by normal standards she's a fine looking woman, as a movie star Roberts has gone to the dogs. Perhaps because she's lost her baby fat, Roberts' face looks gaunt, her nose caricaturesque and that laugh, once her charming trademark, now makes her look like a malnourished horse braying for more hay.
Now, I've previously made mention of my distaste for Ms. Roberts, in my review of Closer. Interestingly enough, while I agree with Jonah that Julia! (TM) is losing her looks, that's actually made her *more* attractive to me.

Somehow, she's more accessible, more real as she loses the plasticine smile and the pearly teeth. Sure, she could stand to eat a few Thickburgers, but the bags under her eyes make here look like she might actually be human, and not some Mike Ovitz lab project.

As for her acting abilities, well. . . Roberts usually annoys the hell out of me, but sometimes she can act. Depends on the movie, I guess. A benefit, perhaps, of her aging is that she'll better develop her acting skills in order to compensate for her declining beauty. She might as well, given how hard it is for older women in Hollywood (seriously-- Susan Sarandon can't possibly play *EVERY* old lady role, can she?).

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