Monday, December 06, 2004


Monday Morning Madness.

Ah, Monday. You know, the usual: you walk into work, and are greeted by a giant reptilian warlizard demanding to know why you haven't put cover letters on your TPS reports. He's threatening to eat you and all your co-workers unless you do that, and do that RIGHTNOW.

Or, at least that's how it feels on a Monday morning.

Anyways, I'll see what I can do for posting a bit later today. In the meantime, scroll on down, and read what you didn't read this weekend.

-- The Management.

P.S. I plan on updating my blogroll. If you're a regular reader of the site and would like to get added to my links, let me know via email (see sidebar for my address). Thanks!

Does somebody have a case of the Mondays???
Hmmmmmmmm.....blogroll. DO you make vegetarian blogrolls?
Giant reptilian warlizard, huh? I think I went to school with him.

On an unrelated note, the old school Godzilla is on AMC right now.
Case of the Mondays? Shit, no. . . I believe you get your ass kicked, saying something like that around here.
Don't make me cap yo' punk ass wit' my stapler....
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