Saturday, December 04, 2004


My Christmas Shopping Is Done Early This Year!

Try and tell me this wouldn't make the perfect gift:

The "i-unit," care of Toyota's robot division. Think of it as a robo-throne.

But hey, it's not just a rolling high chair! It transforms:

How sweet is that? If I ever succeed in constructing my super-secret evil volcano lair, I'll definitely need one of these. Retrofitted with the obligatory heat-seeking missiles and oil-slick dispenser. Hopefully, Toyota offers those options factory.

Oh, and they've also got the "i-foot," a robot that helps disabled people walk up stairs:

That's also sweet, but not as sweet as the robo-throne. Toyota needs to improve the i-foot by adding in ass-kicking i-action. Or encase it in i-armor.

You know what? Japanese companies piss me off. They spend billions on designing cool stuff we Americans never get to see. Tokyo residents get to play with robots, and I get to rent a '98 Camry at LAX. That's just not fair.

And such a state of affairs also leads me to suspect that Japanese corporations are assembling a massive droid army in order to force their way at the Doha Round of Trade Talks.

Read more about it in Toyota's press release. Link via Gizmodo (h/t to my brother for the story).

BTW, don't blow off the press release. It's chock full of Japanese weirdness.

Like the theme of the tech show featuring these robots: "In Movement is Freedom. In Movement is Life."

Don't I know it, pal. Don't I know it.

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