Friday, December 10, 2004


New Episode Of Family Guy Tonight!

I saw a commercial for this while indulging my jonez for The O.C.

Okay, so the episode is not *new*. . . it's an older episode, never aired. But it's Christmas-themed, so they're dragging it out now, before the brand-new episodes begin next year.

Anyways, the episode airs at 9:00 pm Eastern on FOX.

On the Garfield Ridge Scale Of Ultimate Coolness, I rate this news:

Jack Burton

Family Guy and Jack Burton in the same post! w00t!!!
I always enjoyed the fact that he never kissed Kim Catrall at the end of the movie. Very wise of him considering what a whore she turned out to be.
What about the kiss in the middle of the movie? I distinctly remember Jack running around with red lipstick on....
And earlier than that, when they were swimming in sewer water....
I don't have a TV, so I missed it. Was it the one where Peter sings the song "I Need a Jew"?
Yup. The first episode was one they showed on TV before, but the second episode was one you only got on the DVD set.

Really, who doesn't need a Jew to help them with their finances?

Damn, that show is funny. . .
I always feel guilty laughing at it, but I laugh nonetheless.

"Y2k? What are you trying to sell, chicken or sex jelly?"
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