Monday, December 27, 2004


Nudists Banned From Maryland Island.

H/T to The Corner for this story:

Assateague Island (WJZ) Park rangers on the Eastern Shore have a warning for would-be nudists -- keep your clothes on!

Rangers on Assateague Island say some nudists have considered the southern part of the national seashore a safe zone for nude sunbathing.

So park officials will be stepping up enforcement of indecent exposure laws.

This summer, two men from Ocean City were convicted and fined $650 after their arrests.
You know what this means?

(Wait for it. . .)

(WAIT for it. . .)

There'll be no ass in Assateague this summer!

Thank you, thank you. . . I'll be here all week.

wow, that one made my brain hurt...

I bet there will be...
Bet your bottom dollar on it!
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