Monday, December 06, 2004


Redskins Win!

Wow, never saw this coming: Redskins beat the Giants, 31 to 7.

You know how they did it?

Take a guess.

No, really, go right ahead. I'll wait.

Oh, you need to know now?

When running back Clinton Portis runs for over a 100 yards, the Redskins are 4 and 4. When he doesn't, the Redskins are 0 and 8.

FYI, this is the very same Clinton Portis Redskins coach Joe "Offensive Genius" Gibbs sat on the bench in Pittsburgh last week.

I hope by now that Gibbs has learned his lesson. The Redskins have no chance at making the playoffs this year, but at the very least they can learn how to accept the running game as the key to their victory.

I've been listening to that running-game canard for decades. Teams tend to run the ball when they're even or ahead, or in the early part of the game. Teams throw (don't run) when behind, and - curiously enough - lose most games the other team is winning.

I'm reminded of an observation made about people who exercise being healthier: That's not nearly as causal as it appears, because it's the healthy people that are doing all the exercising.
Canard? Scoff, my man. You're talking to a man raised on NFC Central ball. We didn't even know what passing was until Brett Favre showed up.
Even in a knuckle-dragging division of All-Madden players, it's the teams that are ahead, especially by a lot, that can give their back enough carries to get a 100 yards. And they usually win. But not because the back got the carries. The back got the carries because they're winning. Even if you've got Earl Campbell back there, ya throw when trailing by more than a little and the clock is not your friend.
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