Friday, December 17, 2004


Report: Yankees acquire Johnson in three-team blockbuster

*OF COURSE* they have:
BRISTOL, Connecticut (Ticker) - The New York Yankees apparently are on the verge of adding five-time Cy Young Award winner Randy Johnson to their revamped rotation.

New York Newsday is reporting that the Yankees, Los Angeles Dodgers and Arizona Diamondbacks have agreed in principle on a deal that could shake the balance of power in the American League.
Well, this is great news. Effing Yankees.

Then again, once could hope that, like so many Yankees acquisitions, Johnson's best days are behind him.

If not, my next hope would be that Derek Jeter steps in front of Randy Johnson during a practice pitch, only to have his head explode like a dove.

Yeah, that would be sweet.


It reminds me of The Onion article that joked that the Yankees had signed EVERY major league baseball player. Seriously, what is this, seven starting pitchers?

Only Mussina and Johnson are worth the price of admission however. Yet, somehow, someway that rag-tag staff won a 100 games last year. Torre should have been Manager of the Year for that feat alone.
Ha ha ha. Yeah Nix, that Onion story was *exactly* what I thought when I saw this.

DC baseball is two weeks away from disappearing forever, the Yankees own everybody, and both Chicago ball clubs are, well, still Chicago ball clubs.

I guess I can cheer on the Red Sox to repeat, but as happy as that would make me, it'd almost feel like a letdown after last year.

That is, unless, they go through the Yankees again to do it :-)
As a RS fan I have always wondered how I would feel after winning the WS. Would I care the following season? Would I still want to see as many games? And you know what? I do care and I do want to go to as many games. I still hate the Yankees. Winning hasn't changed that. With each acquisition I hate them more and look forward to beating them just as much as ever. I hate them hate them hate them. Rooting for them is like rooting for Al Qaeda.....except the Y's don't wear burqa's. But with an ugly mug like Randy Johnson, they may want to rethink that.
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