Friday, December 17, 2004


Rumsfeld RINO Watch.

DING! We have a winner:

WASHINGTON (CNN) -- U.S. Sen. Susan Collins, a member of the Senate Armed Services Committee, has joined other Republicans in criticizing Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld.

Alright, we've got McCain, Hagel, and now Collins. Who here wants to go for more?

Place your bets on which RINO gets press coverage next:
-- Lincoln Chafee
-- Arlen Specter
-- Olympia Snowe

Me? I'm guessing it's none of the above, as I'm sure they've all crowed about this already.

Nope, the next person to say something will be a Republican who's seen as conservative, but is actually just desperate for some positive attention from the national media that ignores him or her, and thus eager to join on the "Bash Rumsfeld" bandwagon. Basically, this politically irrelevant lawmaker will criticize Secretary Rumsfeld with lots of pablum like "very concerned" and "disturbing reports," all because they know it will get them on the TV.

Damn, sorry, I'm too late-- Trent Lott already checked that box.

Is he still in the Senate? Here I thought the Republicans got rid of him years ago.

Alright, to get serious for a moment, let's establish a litmus test: which Republicans out there would I feel represented the "nail in the coffin" if they came out and demanded Donald Rumsfeld resign?

I don't think it would work if the critic was only *one* member-- it'd have to be plenty of them, a critical mass. But here's a list of some of the Republican "bellweathers" whom I believe the Secretary simply couldn't survive long without their support:

-- Senator John Warner
-- Senator Ted Stevens
-- Senator Dick Shelby
-- Senator Pat Roberts
-- Senator Thad Cochran
-- Senator Saxby Chambliss
-- Senator Wayne Allard
-- Representative Bill Young
-- Representative Jerry Lewis
-- Representative Duncan Hunter
-- Representative Curt Weldon
-- Representative Mac Thornberry

That list above is my best guess for the "loyal Republican, strong on defense" crowd that Donald Rumsfeld must maintain the loyalty of if he wants to continue as SECDEF. There are a few others-- Pete Domenici, Conrad Burns, and James Inhofe all come to mind-- that are liable to say something just to get the press, but whose criticism would still hurt.

If you checked, you'd notice that all of those Republicans are either on the congressional defense or intelligence committees. Much like the Mob, it'll take someone who's spoken to Secretary Rumsfeld, who knows him to be able to tell him when it's his time to go. And like the Mob, it'd be done in private, in a group-- I doubt any of these members would have the gumption (not to mention the lack of tact) to take on the SECDEF alone, in public.

I'll be keeping my scorecard handy.

this Rumsfeld attacking smacks of RINOs that simply want to center-position themselves for 2008.

Go ahead...and lose my vote.
Unfortunately, Nixon Jr, if it came down to Hillary, or Kucunich, or some other Democratic Disaster, I'd vote for any of those people on the list, though the ballot would be stained with my bitter tears of blood.
I am a Democrat and even I would vote for anybody on that list before I would even consider voting for Hilary or Kucinich
I know he's retired, but if Bob Dole criticizes Rumsfeld, the party's over.
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