Friday, December 17, 2004


Sorry about zoning out today.

Between a seriously bad internet connection at work today and my office Christmas party, posting was just impossible. And tonight, I had to run a ton of errands in preparation for leaving town next week.

I'd stay up and post tonight, but alas, I have to wake up early tomorrow, I have an appointment to get my car fixed.

This weekend is my last chance to get in a ton of movies. The last two weeks of the year, I usually cram every movie I can see into my schedule. Partly it's to catch up with all the Oscar-caliber films, but it's also a bit of a tradition.

Ya see, for four of the last five years I've done a year-end movie wrap up of the best and worst movies, and the best and worst parts of the movies I've seen. Before I always emailed it around to about a hundred people, but this year will be the first time I'm doing it for posting online.

The tradition, however, is that I only cover the movies I've seen in the calendar year. Meaning, if I don't catch it by 31 December, I didn't "see" the movie. Also, I keep a running tally of how many films I've seen over the year. I've averaged about sixty annually, with at least ten of those coming in these last two weeks.

So, I've got my work cut out for me.

The only downside, aside from finding the time to see all the movies? The stupid NYC/LA release policy for "prestige" films at the end of the year. Most of the time I don't even get to see the Oscar-caliber movies until the middle of January at the earliest. Personally, that was one of my favorite things about living in Los Angeles-- getting to see movies waaay before all my friends in the Midwest and the East Coast.

So far, the only movie it looks like I'll have to make an exception for is the Clint Eastwood flick Million Dollar Baby, which is scheduled to be released in Washington, DC on 7 January. Other than that, I should be able to line up everything else that I need to see for the year.

I'll post more on Saturday (and hopefully *lots* more on Monday!).

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