Tuesday, December 07, 2004


Stay with me, folks.

I've been shoveling a lot of "observational" posts out the door today, linking to stories I find elsewhere that I can offer a smartass comment to.

It's certainly not the most worthwhile use of your time, let alone mine, but it's an easy way to keep people coming back to Garfield Ridge. Constant posting is like offering caged monkeys crack pellets, or Star Jones in the dessert line at the Old Country Buffet-- You. Just. Can't. Stop.

Besides, while I enjoy writing long in-depth posts discussing the issues surrounding the Intelligence Reform Bill, or calling Frank Rich a major-league hosehead, or reviewing movies you'll never bother to see. . . those kind of posts require a lot of time for me to put together and edit into semi-coherent thoughts.

Given that I am actually, in fact, at work, I can't always find the time to write long treatises. So, I appreciate your patience, and I hope you know you'll always find a mix of random humor AND insightful analysis here at Garfield Ridge.

In the meantime. . . BADGERS!

UPDATE: Garfield Ridge reader Big Al writes at his blog that he's feels a bit disillusioned with the rapidity of my posting, particularly my uncanny ability at undercutting others by posting on the hot topics of the day early on. Topics such as Michael Moore staying in bed after the election, or fat Americans on cruise ships.

Al, I feel your pain, but you must realize that I am doing nothing special here. In fact, as you are no doubt aware, the blogosphere moves faster than even me. Where you feel beat down by my posting rate, likewise, I feel beat down by the posting at Ace of Spades, who had the Michael Moore story first. We won't even mention Instapundit, who must be running a teletype machine over there.

The fact is, it's not the quantity, but the quality of posting that matters. And, as any visitor to my site can tell, the quality of my posting is equivalent to that of mid-1980's East German consumer goods. Besides, most posts of mine require liberal use of illegal hallucinogens to fully appreciate what little humor and wisdom I impart.

So, what I'm trying to say Al is this: blog what you want. If it's the same story I covered, that's okay. Provide your own unique spin, let me know what you wrote, and we'll go from there.

And If I happen to say exactly what you wanted to say, but do it earlier, well, your choice is clear: link Garfield Ridge!

Did you unwittingly give an extra push over the cliff to my last post or was it an homage of sorts? Scary.

Big Al

BAH! That link is the devil! I had that guy as my AIM icon, but everyone thought he was a damn skunk. So now I have dubya flipping them all the bird.
Everyone must link to Garfield Ridge. You'll be cool if you do it...

Gah!!! It's stuck in my head again!!! I worked so hard to replace it with Depeche Mode's "Enjoy the Silence." *sobs*
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