Friday, December 03, 2004


Teen's Parents Sue Actor Nick Nolte

LOS ANGELES - Parents of a teenage girl have sued Nick Nolte, alleging their daughter was drugged and sexually assaulted at a party at the actor's Malibu home two years ago.

The lawsuit, filed Nov. 29 in Superior Court, also lists an employee and several others as defendants. One of the defendants, Nicholas Woodring, was convicted in March of having sex with the girl, then 15 and a minor.


"The incident happened nearly two years ago, when Mr. Nolte was not at the property," Nolte's publicist Arnold Robinson said Thursday. "It is our understanding that the individual responsible has been held accountable. Mr. Nolte was at the time, and still remains, concerned for the young lady's well-being."

According to the civil suit, Woodring and a minor gave the girl the date-rape drug GHB and then sexually assaulted her at a Jan. 25, 2003, party.
Nothing particularly interesting about this story, except it makes me *really* wonder why Nick Nolte was arrested for that now-infamous DUI with GHB found in his system. Was Nolte's security guard trying to score some sleepy-sugar with his boss?

Oh, and yeah, I had to post it because I'm always looking for en excuse to use this picture:

I wish I had the stones to show up looking like this for my driver's license photo.

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