Monday, December 06, 2004


Things No One Should Ever Be Forced To Eat.

-- Rabbits.
-- Glass.
-- Penzoil.
-- Bark.
-- Brussel Sprouts.
-- Topsoil.
-- (tie) crickets/black licorice
-- Sea urchin.
-- Their parents.
-- Scrapple.
-- Anything "traditionally Sudanese."
-- Pine needles.

Great list, except I'd exchange black licorice with liver.
first off...Hossefeffer Rocks :) Rabbit makes a mean stew and tastes like rich chicken. I love it. Brussel Sprouts are better than celery, Black Licorice and anything with Fennel or Anise are the work of Satan!
Beatrice Arthur ... a clear #1
My father was the Louisiana Atticus Finch. Which is to say, his clients were mostly poor, but proud. Many of his fees were paid in sweet potatoes, fresh-caught fish or--his favorite--wild game. One day I came in from school, went to the fridge to grab some juice, opened the door, and a large roasting pan...was what appeared to be the flayed corpse of a tiny baby. In the few moments it took my brain to come up with the reasonable (and correct) explanation (RABBIT! It's a skinned RABBIT! NOT a baby!!!), I formed an aversion to rabbit-eating that will last until I die. Give me licorice.
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