Wednesday, December 01, 2004


Things You Should Not Say In A Crowded Elevator.

-- "Am I schizophrenic? No I'm not."
-- "Pull my finger."
-- "Pardon me while I consult my testicles."
-- "Oops. I forgot my Depends today."
-- "Today is the day of reckoning, and vengeance will be mine. Oh, and please press lobby."
-- "Would you mind feeding my puppet?"
-- "Anyone here Jewish? 'Cause if we get stuck, I can only eat kosher."
-- [Screaming wildly at the top of your lungs, eyes bulging out] "THE CABLE'S SNAPPING!!!"
-- "Hey, would anyone like to taste my sock?"
-- "Man, you were great in Short Circuit 2."
-- "Anyone here know how to defuse a suicide belt?"

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