Saturday, December 04, 2004


This Weekend.

Readers, I know I mentioned that I'd be out of town this weekend, enjoying a bachelor party in Atlantic City ("Where New York City Goes To Smoke!").

Regrettably, I must've spent all my November/December money on rare Yu-Gi-Oh cards and cases of Hennessy V.O. , because I seem to have run out of petty cash.

I could have been hitting the blackjack table right now instead of blogging.

My lack of disposable income would normally not have been enough to prevent me from attending a bachelor party (strippers tend to take pity on me), but there were two additional contributing factors:

-- The guy planning the weekend invited 20+ people, and reserved *one* discounted room at the Borgata. Actually, that's not true; he says he reserved *two* rooms: one for Friday night, one for Saturday night.


The best nearby rates us exiled invitees could find ran into the range of $300-a-night for a double. I've slept piled five, six to a room before, but I'm an old fart now; I'd like a bed. To myself. I'm picky that way. Hotel at a discount? Good. Hotel at full price? Go to hell.

-- I'm friendly with the guy getting married, but neither of us are in the first tier of each other's friends, so I doubt he's hurt much by my absence, as long as I still show up to the wedding with a gift. And wearing pants.

In fact, the main reason I was looking foward to the weekend was because we share so many friends, so I knew it would've been a good time with a drunken group of troublemakers.

That is, of course, if everybody who was invited actually went up to A.C., which they're not, becuase the guy in charge of planning only got one goddamn room. But you knew this already.


Anyways, long story slightly longer: this means I'll be posting this weekend. Albeit intermittently; I wasn't five minutes removed from my A.C. plans before my Saturday got booked up by some other friends. But I'll be on, so stop on by!

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