Friday, December 03, 2004


Triumph for People Power After Ukraine Vote Annulled.

That's what the Reuters story linked to on Drudge says.

Whatever. I'm more afraid of the Yanukovich supporter Drudge *shows* with next to this story:

If I may be so bold as to borrow a phrase from Ace, what the fuck?

I mean, what the fucking FUCK?!?

Where'd this woman-- I'm assuming it's a woman, but just barely-- where'd she get those teeth? Chernobyl Dental? Corbin Bernsen?

I've heard of the "old guard" supporting ex-communists like Yanukovich, but nobody told me "old" meant, like, sixteen cursed generations of undead thirst for blood.

These people aren't ready for democracy. Hell, they're not ready for sunshine. Someone banish these unholy Nosferatu back into their crypts before they burst into flames, all Near Dark-style.

Sweet mercy. Thank goodness for fluoride, ya know?

UPDATE: I'm shocked that I didn't immediately recognize this connection (Stoopid! Stoopid! Stoopid!), but reader Chilperic sure did: this woman must be the long-lost mother of Batboy.

Dude, you CANNOT upload shit like that without thinking it through.

You're gonna need an exorcist.
What was the caption of this picture?

Well, a friend of mine commented today that the Yushchenko supporters she sees at the square are a lot better looking that the average Yanukovich supporter. It seems your photo supports that theory. . .
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