Tuesday, December 07, 2004


Very Bad Things.

Hey readers.

I'm experiencing pretty much a complete system meltdown at home. Page faults, Windows Protection Errors; you name it, it's all hitting at once.

You know how bad it is? The Bozoputer is crashing. . . in safe mode.

Thankfully, I managed to run a system restore that seems to have solved the problem, except for creating one entirely new one: my Norton anti-virus program will no longer work.

Oh, the internet security loads fine-- it's just the NAV firewall won't enable. In fact, it gives me a nice blue-screen-of-death telling me that if I so much as risk going on the internet, I'm going to catch SARS and die of scabies.

Needless to say, given that my cable modem delivers the rough equivalent of a firehose of data each second, I'm a little wary about surfing the web without a firewall.

So, bottom line: I can't post at home, and posting on the job is growing difficult as I enter my busy period at work. I hope to have everything back to normal shortly, but the site my get a little creepy-quiet this week as I prepare to draw and quarter the Bozoputer for technological heresy.

Buy a Mac, hon. I have a few and the oldest one is about 8 years old and still surfs the web faster and better than my 4 year old PC windoze box. MS Assware. OSX is the only way to go.


Lies! Lies! Cultist lies!

!!!!Donald Sutherland Body Snatcher Scream!!!!

Must. . . conquer. . . irrational. . . computer. . .
I'm sorry, Dave, I'm afraid I can't do that. HAL
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