Wednesday, December 15, 2004


Washington D.C., Your Third-World Capital.

From this morning's Washington Post ("free" registration required; crackmonkeys):The D.C.

Council approved legislation late last night that dramatically restructures the city's deal with Major League Baseball by requiring that private financing cover half the cost of a new stadium.

Chairman Linda W. Cropp (D) shocked her colleagues after 11 hours of debate on a stadium package by offering the private financing amendment about 10 p.m., saying she was disappointed by recent talks with Major League Baseball.

Well, you know what? I'm disappointed that Elisha Cuthbert doesn't return my phone calls. That doesn't stop me from looking at her pictures on the internet. For hours.

WaPo baseball columnist Tom Boswell thinks this is the end of the world. My buddy Brian (a.k.a. The Mallet O' Understanding) thinks that a lot of this will blow over, however.

As for me? I don't know one way or the other what this means for baseball in D.C. Or, what it means for the six hundred dollar deposit I put down for season tickets.

Hmmm. I smell Ponzi scheme!

What I do know is, regardless of how this deal eventually turns out, Washington once again confirmed for the world that it's as ridiculously inept a city as every stereotype has ever maintained.

Hey, I don't work in the District, but I travel there. And 27 games of baseball next year would have amounted to a lot of Metro, a lot of meals, and a lot of drinks after the game, all free money that would have been spent in Washington, rather than in Virginia.

But fine. If D.C. doesn't want my dollars, they won't get my dollars.

I'll just buy my rock and blow in Richmond from now on.

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