Sunday, December 05, 2004


What A Bunch Of Losers.

Some moonbats over at the Daily Kos-- no link from me, go find it yourself-- were not only cheating to up their votes in the 2004 Weblog Awards, they were bragging about it (h/t Little Green Footballs).

I myself noticed something was strange earlier tonight when I stopped by to vote. Amazingly, Daily Kos was in the lead for Best Overall Blog, when it had been behind all week. Not just that, it was leading LGF by 10%, when LGF had itself been leading by a significant margin all week.

Checking there just now, it looks as if the voting has been adjusted, perhaps eliminating all the fraudulent votes for Kos.

I guess I shouldn't be surprised. Obviously, in any internet activity, there's going to be an element out there that enjoys hacking for hacking's sake. It would be shocking if something as high profile as these awards didn't invite a visit from mischief makers.

I'm also not surprised that the cheating came from folks on the moonbat Left. Why not? These are the same losers that followed DNC chairman Terry McAuliffe's marching orders to stuff the online click-polls after the presidential debates.

Boy, I bet these guys wished they used half that energy to rally, you know, actual voters to vote for John Kerry, on the actual election day. But hey, they'll always be able to point with pride at that hard-fought 88%-10% victory over at

And now they somehow think that by stuffing the vote for a freakin' contest, the Weblog Award victory they gain for Daily Kos will somehow bestow legitimacy on their, ahem, questionable viewpoints.

Who are these boneheaded retards? Ukrainian communists?

""? Now THAT'S an endorsement... :)
What you got to keep in mind here is that the only important thing is the numbers, not whether or not they are bullshit. Remember, these are the guys who were saying (straight faced) that Saddam "Grizzly Adams" Hussein improved on his 99.6% support in the last election to a full-out 100% in the referendum before the war to argue he was the "democratically elected leader of Iraq." The fact that voting (even laughably false voting) happened is good enough for them.

It reminds me of those who seem to believe that diplomacy in and of itself is what is important, not whether it achieves results or not. I have to admire the sheer determination it must take to keep up that willful blindness
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