Wednesday, December 01, 2004


Why I Hate D.C.

Okay, *I* don't hate D.C.

I don't know if can say that I love it; it simply is what it is, with both the good and the bad, like any area of the country.

However, it's clear that this guy *really* hates Washington: Why I Hate DC, The Blog.

Perusing his site, I agree with some of his Ed Anger-style observations and conclusions. Others, I don't share, but that's because I don't share his hate-the-rich lefty cynicism. Either way, his sort of anger will just eat you up inside.

This post in particular tells me that the blogger in question is either:
-- Machine-gun-toting angry; or
-- Noose-tying depressed.

Neither option is comforting.

There are plenty of things I enjoy about this area, and I'm sure that if I were sufficiently motivated I'd write a really charming love letter to our Nation's Capital, something that would get me into Washingtonian Magazine again, only this time not in the "Adult Services" ad section in the back of the rag.

I've lived in Chicago, Washington, and Los Angeles. I spent a nice long summer in Seattle during college. I've visited a lot of places, urban and rural, in America . Trust me, Washington is *far* from the worst place to live in the world. In fact, quite the contrary.

Obviously, for me to live here, I've found some great reasons why I like it (and trust me, just because it's damn nigh impossible to find a decent national security job outside the Beltway is *not* one of them).

Is Washington eccentric? Yup. Provincial? You bet. Corrupt as a contestant on The Apprentice? Don't you know it.

But that's part of Washington's character, even as it continues to evolve from a small Southern town on a river to a sprawling strip-mall megaplex with unaffordable housing costs. It's losing some good things, it's gaining others.

Let go of your hatred, James F. Or, just move out of town already; there are plenty of new jobs out there.

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