Thursday, January 13, 2005


Andrew Sullivan Is A Whiny Ninny-Pants.

But hey, we all knew that already.

I stopped reading Sullivan a few months before the election. He was faced with a choice: did he want to be loved, or did he want to be relevant? He chose to be loved. . . which resulted in his current situation.

Republicans and conservatives don't like him because he's a backstabbing whiner.

Democrats use him because they love using former conservatives to shore up their attacks.

Now, don't get me wrong; I always believe that one should read contrarian views. If your beliefs can't stand the challenge of an argument, than those are beliefs that should not be held. It's just that with Sullivan, he had descended into a pathetic parody of his once engaging self.

Case in point? H/T to Jonah Goldberg for finding this latest Sullivan quote:

ATHEISTS NEED NOT APPLY: What was Bush thinking with this statement: "President Bush said yesterday that he doesn't 'see how you can be president without a relationship with the Lord,' but that he is always mindful to protect the right of others to worship or not worship." So, out of his beneficence, he won't trample on others' religious freedom. But the White House? That's for Christians only. No Jews? Or atheists? Notice also the evangelical notion of a personal "relationship" with the Lord. That also indicates suspicion of those Christians with different approaches to the divine. I must say this is a new level of religio-political fusion in this administration. To restrict the presidency to a particular religious faith is anathema to this country's traditions and to the task of toleration. The president surely needs to retract the statement.
Read what Jonah had to say in response, as it's very good.

Also good are these Corner posts about Reagan (and Lincoln's) religiosity. And, oh yeah, how about this prayer led by FDR during the D-Day invasion?

Sullivan might say in response, "We all know that Reagan and FDR weren't religious, they were just playing the role of national unifier!"

To those who believe that, you believe that it's okay to be religious only if you're not religious. You want your President to be a hypocrite, a fraud, a phony. Religion as the opiate of the masses, not as the foundation of your private belief. President Clinton can speak at every black church in America, but President Bush mentions Jesus, and suddenly he's intolerant-- as if his role model was an evil man.

Now, as you readers know, I'm pretty much a heathen unbeliever. Which I guess according to Sullivan's logic means I'll never get a job in the Bush White House. Oh well; at least Sully and I have something in common (just that one thing, trust me).

I of course don't believe for a second that this is the case. Why? Because as an atheist, I should be especially attuned to whatever Bush-led religious repression there is sweeping the nation, right? As the member of a privileged minority, don't I get, like, "God-dar" powers? As for the coming theocracy, I'm sorry, I don't see it. Because it doesn't exist.

Then again, I could be on the payroll-- an "Atheist Uncle Tom" making the case for my own spiritual ruin. I'm comfortable with that.

President Bush's belief in God does not frighten me. Too bad there are so many others too insecure in their own beliefs to feel the same.

Well said.
Funny, your atheism doesn't seem to bother me (politically speaking), and I'm an evil fundamentalist. Go figure. Maybe I'm just not sensitive enough to these things. If I were just more in touch with my feminine side . . . I wouldn't have to touch my masculine side! Hardeharhar.
It should bother you, as I want to crush your faith and send you out into the cold, dark world armed only with your feeble grasp of science.

But. . . I'll probably never get around to it.

Hey, look! Lunchtime!
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