Monday, January 03, 2005


Battlestar Galactica Overload.

Readers have heard me rave about the new Battlestar Galactic miniseries put out by the Sci-Fi Channel last year.

I like sci-fi, but I find my tastes running more towards serious sci-fi versus tongue-in-cheek. When ships blow up, I want my crew getting sucked into hard vacuum, dammit. And the new Galactica fit that bill very nicely.

Since then, I've been eagerly awaiting the new weekly series, which has already been playing for months to much popular acclaim in the U.K.

Courtesy of Ain't It Cool News, visit here for the big honkin' schedule for the new show.

But, that's not all: this Saturday NBC is showing a three-hour version of the four-hour miniseries to promote the new series. Personally, I recommend that you catch the Sci-Fi repeat of the whole two-part series a few days later.

Finally, for the true geeks out there, the original series is going to be replayed in all it's annoying robot-dog glory. Oh, and yeah, that damn abomination of flying-motorcycle gaydom that is Galactica 1980 will also be replayed.

Whoa. . . too much geek. Excuse me, I must now go kill myself.

I liked the Cylon fighters better than the pansy-ass human ships. One thing I wondered about, and maybe I'm behind the Battlestar Galactica curve, was whether the series is set in the past (as in, Apollo and whatnot are going to arrive in neolithic times and be passed down to us as the archer-god, or whether it was set in contemporary/Earth future.

Then again, I am more a Farscape/Babylon 5 sci-fi fan, so I'm not exactly staying up nights worrying about Galactica timelines.

PS Sorry about the earlier triple post. I think Blogger's comment system is infested with Commie gremlins
I don't know. Methinks it's supposed to be contemporary, but so far the new series makes it out that Earth is very much a legend.

The problem is, the series looks very much like Earth technology, not too far in the future. I mean, with the exception of faster-than-light travel and artificial intelligence, nothing in the show strikes me as something you couldn't see on Earth in a few hundred years.

As for the triple post, your punishment is being planned. Perhaps the wheel of pain. . .
I've seen the first nine of the new BG series and it is great. It took me most of the mini to get used to the originals not being around and to accept the revised story, but I like it.
Actually, I think itt you pasted a few strips of shag carpet to an Aibo you'd pretty much equal Battlestar Galactica's robotics technology.

Wheel of pain? Aww, I was hoping to contemplate it on the Tree of Woe
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