Tuesday, January 25, 2005


The Best And Worst Movies Of 2004.

It's that time of the year again, time for my annual best-and-worst list of the movies I've seen in 2004.

I used to do this sort of list on email and send it out to all my friends. I failed to do one last year, but with the Oscar nominations coming out Tuesday morning, I figured I better finish it now.

Looking back over 2004, I must say that I’m shocked at how few movies I saw in the theater this year—I only saw 52. That’s certainly a lot more than most people see, but I usually see over 60, and when you consider that there were 139 new movies in 2004 that landed in the weekly Top 10, I saw only a fraction of new releases.

Still, when one considers which movies I skipped—delightful films like Catwoman, White Chicks, and Anacondas: The Hunt For The Black Orchid— it’s difficult to find me at fault for staying home with my Xbox some weekends.

I apologize for some unavoidable formating errors (lack of italics & underlining, mostly). I unfortunately encountered plenty of technical difficulties in posting these in the format I desired most. However, pretty much everything I wanted to have here made it in.

Without further adieu, here’s Dave’s Movie Lists Of 2004:

10 Best Movies of 2004.
10 Worst Movies of 2004.
Best Actors and Actresses of 2004.
Other Movie Categories.
Other Valuable Movie Awards.

Please note: if you see a hyperlink in any of these posts, the link heads to my written review of that film, in case you want to check it out.

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