Sunday, January 23, 2005


Bill Kristol Plugs His Ears And Goes "Blah, Blah, I'm Not Listening, Blah, Blah."

The Weekly Standard's Bill Kristol raves here about President Bush's second inaugural.

Still, sophisticated and nuanced as it is, it does proclaim the goal of ending tyranny. And just as Truman's speech shaped policy, so Bush's will. As he implicitly acknowledges, his presidency will be judged not by this speech but by his achievements. The speech, by laying out a clear and compelling path for U.S. foreign policy, will make substantial achievements easier. There will be vigorous debates over how to secure these achievements--debates over defense spending and diplomacy, over particular tactics and operational choices. We will at times differ with the president on some of these matters, as we have at times in the past. But on the fundamental American goal, President Bush has it right--profoundly right.
Hey Bill? Does President Bush have it right, or do his hawkish advisors who spent the last four years convincing President Bush that this was a necessary policy have it right?

You know, advisors like. . . Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld?

Bill can't acknowledge that, of course, because he gets so picky sometimes.

If Bill ever pulled his panties out of a bunch, perhaps he'd realize he's sucking the wrong dick.

This posting was made on my personal computer.

Funny, anytime I see the postscript: "This posting was made on my personal computer.", I go looking for potential controversy.

And I can almost always determine what caused you to disclaim work-posting. Not that the posts themselves aren't interesting enough to read, mind you. I look for my entertainment where I can find it.

Oh, and you're right about Kristol, but you already knew that.
Yeah, anything that involves work or politics I try to only post at home, unless we're talking the most innocuous of observations.

Funny how I can post all I want about those bastard Danes, but nothing about the President of the United States.
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