Wednesday, January 05, 2005


Buddhists Sell A Temple To Raise Relief Funds.

Story here, H/T Drudge:
A Buddhist abbot stunned his Burnaby congregation on Saturday when he announced they would be selling a temple worth more than $500,000 to give all the proceeds to Asia's tsunami victims.
That's wonderful news, for two reasons.

One, it's an amazing act of charity to those clearly in need.

Two, the money raised is not going to Al Gore.

Shh..Don't tell nobody 'bout this but, I think you're overtaking a certain someone in the "funny" department.

You are a very very dangerous blogger.

That's all I'm going to say about it right now..... Ok I'll say one more thing:


"I'm not really a Buddhist monk. My name is Pete Bowles, and I don't really know The Twelve Tigers style of kung fu either. I just happened to have a good razor, an orange robe, and a bag of fortune cookies. I'm taking all of your donations, and the money from the temple sale, and I'm going to be spending it on underage prostitutes and cockfighting in Nicaragua. So, in conclusion, you've all been Punk'd."
Kudos to the Buddhists. Compare their behavior to that of the Muslims...

Oops, was that insensitive of me?
I understand the Richard Gere (a Budhist himself) will be buying them a new temple this spring -- after he finishes his tsunami fund raising tour "speaking for all mankind."
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