Tuesday, January 18, 2005


Busy Day Here At The Puzzle Palace.

In the meantime, keep yourself busy with this depressing invention:

The Salary Clock.

Enter in how much you make a year and figure out how much you make a minute.

Must. . . slit. . . wrists. . .

Wow, that really sucks. Can newborn babies eat Ramen Noodles?
Joe, you can feed a baby *anything*. . .

Whether or not it's healthy, I leave that up to the doctors.

(Welcome back!)
Dave, you're just on the wrong side of the Imperialist Capitalistic Running Pig-Dog Military-Industrial Complex.

I'm on the Dark Side, and I take home literally tens of dollars a day!
Holy cow, what did Blogger do to my link?

I tried to link here: http://www.dangerouslogic.com/archive/cat_the_day_job.html
Thanks Dave!

Yeah, I'm not a friggin' doctor so how should I know what's good for him or not? Ramen Noodles it is.
Don't forget, it's pretty easy for 40-50% of that to "go away" for the normal tax payer, however I'd be surprised if any of the guys on that drop down list are paying more than a 15% effective tax rate. Just look at Theresa "Let them go naked" Heinz-Kerry.
Mike, you're not helping me!!!
Sorry Dave but "that's just the f_cking way it is."

Don't make a f_cking maniac out of me.

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