Friday, January 07, 2005


Butt out: Fox nixes Super Bowl backside ad.

From USA Today, h/t Drudge.

A year after Janet Jackson's breast brought a crackdown on indecency, Fox has rejected an ad for the Super Bowl offering a rare view of another celeb: Mickey Rooney's backside.

In the spot for Airborne, a natural cold remedy, the 84-year-old star of such 1940s staples as National Velvet and the Andy Hardy films is in a sauna when someone behind him coughs. He overreacts, jumps up, screams and heads for the door. In his rush, his towel drops, baring his buns for about two seconds.


But Rider McDowell, co-owner of Airborne, says it's not exactly titillating stuff. "There's nothing sexual about the ad," McDowell says. "It's tantamount to showing a baby's bottom."
"Nothing sexual about the ad?"

Au contraire, I beg to differ. Just the thought of Mickey Rooney's bum is making me all sweaty. Like a viking.

Meow. . .

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