Tuesday, January 04, 2005


Did Anyone Catch This?

I'm usually first in line for scuzzy Fox programming, the Swiss Cake Rolls of the television world, but I missed this one last night:

NEW YORK (AP) -- The network that brought you Homer Simpson took fatherhood to a whole new level Monday night.

Fox aired a tear-soaked reality special, "Who's Your Daddy?", that reunited a woman with the former Marine and his old high school girlfriend who gave her up for adoption about 30 years ago.

"Thank you for having me!" the woman, T.J. Myers, said between sobs at the end of the show, which drew howls of protest from adoption advocates. She earned $100,000 for correctly identifying her birth father from seven impostors.
Hell, for $100,000, I'd identify Clyde the Orangutan as my birth father.

Tasteless? Sure. But hey, if stupid people want to do stupid things on television, that's their choice.

I certainly don't want ALL my television slumming like this. I couldn't imagine HBO doing something like this. But, as an all-important safety valve for schlock, Fox serves a valuable purpose in society.

I don't know what that purpose is, but c'mon, there just HAS to be a higher reason for Glutton Bowl.

I cannot claim ownership to this ... I heard the following, the next step down the evolutionary scale for Fox after "Who's Your Daddy?" is for Rupert Murdoch to walk out on stage and kick a pregnant woman in the stomach. That my friend will be ratings gold.
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