Saturday, January 22, 2005


Do Not Click Here.

No, really. . . do NOT click here.

No. Don't do it. No, really.


I think that if you stare long enough, you eventually see the face of God.

UPDATE: After I had posted this, I discovered that Sobekpundit linked to it earlier today. I figured I'd rather send the traffic to him than a random link, so I changed the link above to go to his posting. This means you'll have to click a few times to get to the link in question.

That is, of course, if you defy my command to ABSOLUTELY NOT click here.

Not only do I defy your effeminate commands and click BOTH links, I had already experienced the Hasselhofian Recursion via Sobek earlier.

I looked at the trap, Ray. Trifecta, baby.
I'm speechless. I'm without speech.
I'm random? I thought I was starting to be at least a LITTLE known. Ouch.
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