Tuesday, January 04, 2005


Feminine Hygiene Products: Is There Anything They Can't Do?

Go read this story from Iraq (h/t The Corner).

Hell, *I* might even start carrying tampons.

Time to raid my wife's supply!
A friend's husband is a PJ. We had dinner with them right after we saw this story. We were laughing about it, and he was saying that they (some of the PJs) carry tampons. When anyone gives him a hard time about it, he just drops one in a glass of water and they watch it expand. It usually causes a stampede for "supplies".

He's also heard of guys using pads for sweatbands in helmets but says he won't go quite that far.
Forget the tampons. Who knew you could be part of the 82nd Airborne with just a pair of panties?

BTW, sweetie, it was me who heard about people in Vietnam using pads as helmet liners.

Our PJ friend is here:

-Chris Mayhew
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