Monday, January 10, 2005


Feminists Dislike Bush.

Heh. I loved writing that headline.

H/T to the Unabrewer for this AP story:
NEW YORK - America's feminist leaders and their critics agree on at least one current political fact: These are daunting times for the women's movement as it braces for another term of an administration it desperately wanted to topple.

"The next four years are going to be tough, so we must be tougher,"
National Organization for Women president Kim Gandy recently told supporters. "Our health, our rights, and our democracy are teetering on the brink."

Just the other day, I believe George W. Bush signed into law an executive order calling for the cancellation of all mammograms across America. And Congress mandated that the toilet seat STAYS UP. Plus, the Supreme Court rethunk that whole franchise thing, and decided that only hot & easy chicks under 40 can vote.

NOW, the Feminist Majority Foundation and numerous like-minded groups campaigned zealously against President Bush, contending that his economic agenda would inflict disproportionate harm on women and that his potential judicial appointments could jeopardize abortion rights.

To the feminists' dismay, Bush not only won — but he sharply reduced the Democrats' "gender gap" edge among women voters. Republicans also increased their majorities in Congress; new GOP senators include several staunch foes of abortion.

Huh? How is that possible? How could women have ignored the issues that really matter to women, and vote for the White Male Enslaver?
The Rev. Jerry Falwell, for example, recently referred to NOW as "The National Order of Witches"
I dislike Falwell, but I gotta admit, pretty funny. Although I believe the P.C. term is Wiccans.
"The issue isn't whether they're mean-spirited or anti-women," Greenberger said. "What I do see is an administration with policies that are fundamentally out of touch with what women really need. ... They have other priorities that consistently outweigh and trump the everyday concerns that women have."
Referring collectively to conservative Republican leaders, Gandy said: "They like women just fine — as long as we know our place, which is preferably under a
man's protection.
Actually, women can do a lot under a man's protection. They have more time to shop, and tan, and gossip with their girlfriends.

Okay, I guess I should be serious for a moment, and talk about how wrong NOW is, and how this is the best time in the history of mankind to be a woman. I could also slam them for always being ready to call American men misogynistic pigs, while failing to criticize, say, the Taliban or other repressive societies that like to splash acid on women for snoring too loud.

But, let's be honest, the National Organization Of Women is soooo far out there from, you know, reality that it's simply *too* easy to parody them. They're like fish in a barrel, or chicks in a shoe store.

Hey, if things really are so bad here, these womyn can always move to Canada. That'll give us guys plenty of quiet time to watch the game, and scratch.

NOW is the National Organization for Women, not "of" Women.

They're still a bunch of looney moonbats.
Yeah, yeah. I remember reading that somewhere, maybe in the back of December's Guns & Ammo.
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