Monday, January 03, 2005


From The "Duh" Files Of Human Relationships.

NEW YORK (Reuters Health) - Men would rather marry their female assistants than equal-ranking women or their supervisors, according to social psychologists.
Man, I hate social psychologists. Here us men were quite content without ever letting the secret out of the bag: we like chicks who dig us.

The results are based on a study of men's ratings of imaginary women with different job titles, during which they judged them according to their appeal as a one-night stand, friend, or long-term partner.
Personally, I'd want my imaginary woman to have the job title "Playmate of the Year." I think her appeal would be high pretty much across the board.

Men's preferences for less-dominant women may be rooted in evolution, the researchers suggest.
Or, fear of a dominant woman's whips, chains and clamps.

"Males who preferred to mate with relatively subordinate partners - as opposed to higher dominance partners - may have been better able to limit the chance - or amount - of paternal uncertainty, either by preventing their partner from having sex outside of the partnership or by being able to closely monitor their partner's sexual behavior for possible infidelity," write Stephanie L. Brown and Brian P. Lewis.
Then again, it might also be a desire to avoid getting yelled at to take the trash out every time you sit down to watch the damn game.

During the study, 120 male and 208 female undergraduates read scenarios about different people at work, looked at their pictures, and noted how much they would like to be associated them. All photos were deemed by judges to be of people similar in age and attractiveness.
Good lord. They relied on college undergraduates?!? How many college guys are going to go after dominant women? The vast majority of college guys look for only two things in a woman: 1) Are they easy?; and 2) Do they go away when they're done?

Your typical college guy, looking to marry up. Right, uh-huh, sure thing pal.

I'd be more impressed with this study if they asked guys in their later twenties, or early thirties. You know, men who've actually met successful, professional women in the workplace. I think the study then would say some different things.

Speaking just from personal experience, what I found attractive in a woman in college was definitely different than what I find attractive today. Trust me, I'll take a dominant woman as long as she's got one helluva checkbook, and tolerates ~ten hours of Xboxing a week. That's all I ask.

Men said they would prefer a less-dominant women both as long-term partners and as friends they would enjoy doing things with, such as exercising and going to a party.

In contrast, for women, a man's status had no influence on his desirability as a partner.
Whoa. Excuse me?

Alright, I apologize to all my female readers (you know, all three of you) for diving into the stereotypes here. But that last line is such a howler that it could only come from researchers at UCLA and UMichigan-Ann Arbor.

Not all women marry for money, or security. Just as not all men marry for looks, or sex.

However, I think anyone with experience in, you know, reality can agree that there are reasons behind these gender stereotypes: given a large enough sample, they're often true.

If the researchers can find data to support their conjecture on male evolution, I'm sure they can find data that support the alternative conjecture on female evolution.

But nooo, it's just us horndog males (a.k.a. "rapists"), always looking to put a woman in the one-down position so she's more willing to go down. Meanwhile, the poor little women who put themselves there are obviously not doing so in the interests of raising children in a secure environment or anything; it's just that they're gluttons for male punishment. Some might even call them "victims."

Well, I've had just about enough of that. Womyn power! Womyn power! Burn your bras! Down with the phallocracy!

Oops, I'm sorry. . . I was freakin' out there for a moment. What we're we talking about again?

But you forget, the study was based on undergraduates. Other than the campus staff (no pun intended), the ladies questioned hadn't come into contact with truely powerful men. I'd also be interested in a study based on 25-30 years olds.....But alas, they obviously couldn't prove the point they were trying to make with that group of people. Shevonne
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