Tuesday, January 11, 2005


Garfield Ridge Presents: Amazing Tales Of Survival!

Today's tale is from. . . Bulgaria:

SOFIA, BULGARIA - Bulgarian doctors tested a man's blood-alcohol level five times before accepting it was 0.914 – nearly twice the amount considered to be life-threatening.
What a huge effort to take the crown in a big way, and less than a month after the previous blood-alcohol recordholder blew a 0.462.
The 67-year-old man landed in hospital on Dec. 20 after a car knocked him off his feet in the southern Bulgarian city of Plovdiv, police and doctors said Tuesday.
A car knocked him off his feet? At that level of intoxication, I'm surprised that molecules didn't knock him off his feet.
A breath test indicated blood-alcohol levels so high that police thought their equipment was broken, because the man remained conscious and talked with them.
Now there is a conversation I'd like to overhear. My guess is it sounded just like this.

What is really amazing is how early in the season it still is. However, my understanding is the Brits are still the betting favorites to win it all, though with the surprise emergence of Bulgaria as a serious contender, that means the Yobs will have to fight it out with both the Bulgarians and the Australians.
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