Tuesday, January 18, 2005


Garfield Ridge Puts Ohio On The Map!

This game would be easier if they didn't give you Montana to start out with-- I know where all the states are, but the game penalizes you if you're off even by a little.

The question is, *DO YOU* know where all the states are?

Dave, this is off-topic but I didn't feel like cluttering up Ace's comment thread. You seem to have some opinions regarding the Eurofighter and, surprisingly for me, the F-16. Care to elaborate?

Gratuitous mention of "Garfield Ridge" in the Shark Tank!!!!!!!!!

Says alot about you oh dangerous one.. when the chips are down and ACE needs a zinger, he reaches in which bag? That's right, the Garfield bag-o-funny..

Thank you Hans.

Chilperic, I'm a wee bit busy tonight, but I'll try to post something tomorrow on the topic.

Beats another Nazi post. . . those get creepy after a while.
Hey, Dave, you are the one providing the free ice cream, scoop it out on your timetable. I don't need to know RIGHT NOW, just whenever.

Because I like free ice cream.
50 perfect out of 50 turns.

Error 0 miles.

Avg Error 0 miles.

Score 100%

Time 581 secs.

Don't nobody be messing with Sobekpundit.

They give you the states randomly, Dave, so scores might vary because of that. I was given Colorado with no adjacent states already in place, and that was hard, but by the time I had to do Tennessee, North Carolina was already in place.
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