Sunday, January 16, 2005


Gay Action Figures Of The Third Reich.

Lord, the stuff you find on Craig's List.

In the poster's words:
here's Marius the SS officer and Fritz the panzer cadet.
they are gay.
a lot of people in the 'action figure community' are mean to me because some of my dolls are gay.
i have around 65 action figures, but only 5 or 6 are gay.
but meanwhile, the people in this hobby act like all my guys are gay.
they are mean to me.
Uh. . . riiight.

At least these dolls answer the question: what toys *did* Prince Harry play with as child?

Only 5 or 6 of your Nazi action figures are gay? Well, I don't see what the big deal is then.

What is funny about this isn't that it is weird. It is that every little component is weird in a way different from the others. I can see people collecting Nazi action figures. I guess. But if you are going to take the unconventional step of deciding your action figures are gay, why not make them ALL gay? Why only five or six? Why those five or six in particular? Were lots drawn? Do you put them in a Schutzenpanzerwagen and have them cruise the strip looking for Theban Sacred Band hoplite action figures to pick up Friday nights?

This guy has to be joking.
Yes Chilperic, I have no doubt that he's joking.

I hope.
"...and then they see my doll collection and they don't like me any more."

Even if he's not joking, he's funny. But if he was joking, I'd expect that statement to be something like:

"...and then they see my doll collection and they make me catch, not pitch"
those are my action figures.
they're not as joke or anything -- i am a serious collector of one-sixth scale action figures from the world war II period.
right now, i have around 90-95 guys.
the majority of them are heterosexual because that is the way the world works.
but since 1 out of 10 men are reportedly gay, i use that statistic to select a few of the prettiest boys and then declare them gay.
it's really not so relevant -- i don't do much more than pose them on my furniture and photograph them.
i don't 'play' with them like a little girl plays house with her barbie and ken dolls.
in fact, i have to treat them kind of gently because some of their equipment or clothes are delicate and might break or rip, so playing with them is out of the question.
anyway, since i am gay, it just pleases me to make a few of them gay.
it kind of reaffirms me in some small way.
thanks -- brian h. (
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