Thursday, January 20, 2005


Hans Bricks Has The Scoop.

I must've missed this exchange between Rhode Island RINO Lincoln Chafee and Condoleezza Rice:

Yesterday, during Condi’s confirmation hearings, Chaffee, still jazzed from his recent tour of the remaining Central American dictatorships, used the bulk of his time to praise Hugo Chavez’s Venezuella and to demand that Condi re-think her relationship with Chavez. At one point he begged her : “Is there not one good thing you can say about Venezuela?”

Condi’s answer: “No.”

C'mon, now. At the very least, I'm sure Venezuela has some lovely scenery. Angel Falls looks pretty.

However, Dr. Rice's point is not lost.

Read more at Mr Bricks.

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Another good thing about Venezuela is that if you control is and Brazil, you've pretty much got South America locked up, and that's an extra two armies every turn. Now that's not a lot of armies, but given that a) it's an easily defensible continent and b) you can sometimes avoid undue attention because you are so small, it's not a bad place to start your world conquest.

But note that if someone has all of North America, you could be in very serious trouble.
Sobek, I can't be certain, but I don't think the real world is played by "Risk" rules.

However, if they ever decide to do so, I hope you are the first in line for command.
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