Friday, January 21, 2005


Hey, I Made C-SPAN!

The Mallet left me a voicemail yesterday alerting me to this, but I didn't hear about until I reached work this morning.

If you go to the C-SPAN Inauguration website, click on "Watch From Thursday, January 20," and you'll get Real Player coverage of the President's speech.

Maximize the player, then slide the timer forward until you reach 38:34. You'll see a bunch of dignitaries clapping, with Trent Lott at the bottom left of your the screen.

When the timer hits 38:38, it will go to a crowd shot. For those of you who know what I look like, I should be easy to spot: look in the dead center of the screen, then move a bit to the left until you see a guy in a light brown jacket with a full head of prematurely graying hair. That would be me.

Hey, it could be worse, I could lose my hair and look like my brother. I'll take the gray hair, thank you very much.

The charming devil in green to my immediate left (to the right of me on the screen) would be my buddy Mike. As usual, he's laughing at my jokes while I'm clapping like a trained seal. Atta boy, pal.

The camera pulls back from the focus on us all the way back to the President, so you get to see exactly where our seats were.

It's not quite as cool as being an ESPN Play Of The Year for maniacally disrobing at a Wizards-Bucks game, but sadly, I must admit that I've put my days of public nudity behind me.

Nevertheless, I consider yesterday the finest television performance I've ever had with my shirt on.

Finest television performance with your shirt on? Wasn't their an episode of Boy Meets Boy where you greeted a housemate wearing only a Punky Brewster T-Shirt?
I wonder if this too will be a play of the year on SportsCenter
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