Monday, January 10, 2005


How Much Silly Can You Fit Into One News Piece?

Mahmoud Abbas won the Palestinian election Sunday. Big surprise there.

But you just have to love this piece from the Associated Press: "Abbas Sees 'Difficult Mission' After Win."

Of course he does. I'm sure achieving his mission of destroying Israel didn't get any easier over the weekend.

RAMALLAH, West Bank - Mahmoud Abbas declared victory in Palestinian presidential elections on Sunday after exit polls showed him winning by a wide
margin, giving him a decisive mandate to renew peace talks with Israel, rein in militants and try to end more than four years of Mideast bloodshed.
If, indeed, those are Abbas' objectives. I believe there's reason for skepticism.

The victory of the staid and pragmatic Abbas, who opposes violence and has the backing of the international community, was expected to usher in a new era, after four decades of chaotic and corruption-riddled rule by Yasser Arafat who died Nov. 11.
Pragmatic? Opposes violence? Saying it is so doesn't make it true; prove it.

"There is a difficult mission ahead to build our state, to achieve security for our people ... to give our prisoners freedom, our fugitives a life in dignity, to reach our goal of an independent state," Abbas said in an acceptance speech in the West Bank city of Ramallah.
Excuse me, but who gives a shout out to "fugitives" in a victory speech? Fugitives from whom? Israel? They must be fugitives for a reason. Care to explain why Mahmoud?

"I present this victory to the soul of Yasser Arafat and present it to our people and to our martyrs," Abbas said, referring to Palestinians killed in the conflict with Israel.
Or, perhaps, referring to Palestinians who *have killed* in the conflict with Israel.

Abbas' political objectives are the same as Arafat's: a Palestinian state in the West Bank, Gaza Strip and east Jerusalem, and a solution for Palestinian refugees and their descendants.
Those were Arafat's political objectives? Are we sure?

I'm all for democracy. I'm also for peace. But the burden of proof here is not on the Israelis any more. In the past decade they supported Oslo, they pulled out of Lebanon, they put pressure on Jewish settlers in the West Bank, and they are now pulling out of Gaza.

All it takes for the Palestinians to have a state is to chill out for a while. Play the peace card, play the non-violence card, and they'll have their homeland. If not because Israel willingly gives up the West Bank, it will be because the rest of the world (read: America the Billpayer) pressures them to do so.

Who here wants to be that the Palestinians miss *yet another opportunity* for peace? The addiction of revenge is seductive indeed, and I will be surprised if the Palestinians can resist it long enough to achieve peace.

Reality is a tricky thing, so it's better to just live in the dream world that people have constructed around the "peace process". Please don't disturb them with facts and inconvenient examples of Palestinian perfidy.

I vote the Palestinians second place in the Worst Leadership Ever category, right behind the Russians, and closing fast. Maybe one more generation of death-cultists can vault them into first place.
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