Thursday, January 06, 2005


I Am Simply Missing Too Much Of The Internet.

How could I have possibly missed this?

The Ralph Nader Virtual Debate.

Bush and Kerry refused to debate Ralph - so we took matters into our own hands!

Ralph puts the real issues on the table in this "virtual" debate with fellow candidates Bush and Kerry.
A huge H/T to Jonah Goldberg for the link.

Using the actual questions from the Presidential debates, Ralph discusses his plans for pulling our troops out of Iraq, solutions for the energy crisis, helping the environment, using tax dollars sensibly, and giving all Americans a living wage.
I'm really upset here. Had I known during the election that Ralph Nader would be debating the President and Senator Kerry. . . in puppet form. . . well, that sort of information might have gone a long way towards influencing my vote.

Seriously-- my regular readers know how much I want crazy people to do well in politics.

But debating puppets? That's like the Athens Olympics Of Crazy.

Wow, if Ralph Nader can debate the issues with puppets, I wonder what what's next in the realm of human/puppet discourse:

-- Andrew Sullivan upset that the late Lady Elaine Fairchilde was never outed: "C'mon, everyone knows she wore comfortable shoes."

-- Tonight on Hardball: The War on Terror roundtable featuring Senator Chuck Hagel, Retired General Wesley Clark, and Team America.

-- The E! True Hollywood Story: Prince Adam By Day, "He-Man" By Night.

-- Black Entertainment Television Special Report: Are White People Laughing At L'il Penny, Or With Him?

-- VH1's Behind The Music: The Spitting Image Puppets: "That sod Collins stiffed us outta our money!"

-- American Justice's Bill Kurtis investigates whether DNA evidence can prove Chucky's innocence.

-- Sportscenter's Peter Gammons exposes Stretch Armstrong's use of Cream and Clear: "I just can't stretch it anymore."

-- A Garfield Ridge Exclusive: Secrets of Jenna Jameson's new book How To Make Love Like A Porn Star revealed by Jenna Jameson's blow-up doll.

Yeah. . . I'm thinking we can learn a lot from the puppets.

If only we listen.

Willie Tyler and Lester had it going on! Wow, Ralph has really lost it, eh? And I thought the Nuge was mentally out to lunch...
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