Thursday, January 27, 2005


"'I don't have the freaking ball anymore, stop digging in my ear."

Only I don't think he really said "freaking."

Here's a revealing Sports Illustrated piece about what goes on under a pile of NFL players as they try to grab the football.

Eagles linebacker Ike Reese:
"When we played the Patriots last year [Eagles running back] Brian Westbrook fumbled a punt, and we were all down there scrambling for it. [Patriots linebacker] Mike Vrabel had my testicles in his hand, and he was squeezing them. Where the football ends up depends on who has the strongest will or the strongest hands. Guys reach inside the face mask to gouge your eyes. But the biggest thing is the grabbing of the testicles. It is crazy."
Unpleasant, indeed.

Of course, whenever I hear the words "football" and "testicles" together, I giggle.

After I stop giggling, I then double over in excruciating pain at the memory of former Chicago Bears defensive back Virgil Livers.

WARNING: The Virgil Livers story, at the end of the ESPN article, involves words like "spearing," "groin," and "mangled."

Hey. . . who's ready for some football?

Wow. And again, wow. I'd always assumed that everybody (including the waterboy) wore a cup; in fact, it never even occurred to me to think otherwise.

To quote you commenting on some of my posts, "That's just wrong."
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