Friday, January 28, 2005


I Guess President Bush Has Thought About Plan B After All.

From Friday's New York Times:
WASHINGTON, Jan. 27 - President Bush said in an interview on Thursday that he would withdraw American forces from Iraq if the new government that is elected on Sunday asked him to do so, but that he expected Iraq's first democratically elected leaders would want the troops to remain as helpers, not as occupiers.
You will recall that I touched briefly on this topic in my post from earlier this week.

I'm pretty sure I've heard the President and other Administration officials mention this before-- that if asked, we would leave-- but I hadn't heard it recently. Thus, I assumed that we might have been downplaying the previous statements.

But nope, President Bush went on record right before the elections. If the Iraqis elect a government that wants us out of Iraq, we're going to leave Iraq.

I just hope that, if we do leave, we're able to bring along Zarqawi's head atop the turret of the last tank out of Iraq.

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