Wednesday, January 05, 2005


I Guess We Got This To Look Forward To.

Sounds like Barbara Boxer (D-Loonybin) is contemplating endorsing the complaints of the Congressional Black Caucus sure to be lodged at tomorrow's House certification of the presidential electors.

Read it and weep here. Also, The Corner's been on it all day, and Jen at Demure Thoughts sharpens her knives here.

Wow. For a political faction that garners support from a website entitled "Move On," they have an awful difficulty in taking that advice.

What's funny to me today is that, unlike Florida 2000, there's more than a hundred thousand votes separating Bush and Kerry in Ohio. And still some Democrats want to argue that those votes are invalid.

And why?

Well, isn't it obvious? Those votes were cast for George W. Bush! That must be illegal, right?

I guess that must be their new slogan:
Voting For Bush: It's Not Only Stupid, It's Against The Law.
As the folks over at National Review rightly wonder, where's John Kerry in all this? Why isn't he pressuring his party to avoid acting like idiots tomorrow? Even Al Gore knew when it was time to "move on." Given Kerry's gracious concession speech after the election, one would hope he'd strike the right chord Thursday, and ask his fellow senators to try stuffing it for a day.

I guess there's a purpose to all this. The Democratic leadership may figure that yet *another* public venting by the Loonie Left of the Congressional Black Caucus will mollify them, at least for a while. I somewhat look forward to it, as it's so hard to get Maxine Waters (D-Batshit Crazy) in her most purified form (especially now that the CIA is no longer selling it in the inner city).

Then again, if the protest does go forward, I can't wait for Michael "Are You Gonna Finish That Burrito?" Moore to use footage of the House whinery in his next celluoid jackassery.

Should be an entertaining, if pathetic, day for all.

These days, whenever I hear a Democrat (The Party of the Deceased) talking about voter fraud, it is translated into my ear as, "Black voters in WONK WONK WONK WONK WONK..." I don't think they even notice the absurdity of it anymore. It is a conditioned response, like Pavlov ringing a bell November 2nd. They didn't lose, they were robbed.

Which is really a shame, because if they keep hollering "Wolf" every 2-4 years then eventually we could have a full blown Hugo Chavez Situation and nobody would notice until their property was siezed and they found themselves working on a collective farm.
The problem is that there is no "Democratic leadership." The Dem's seem to be running around like a bunch of chickens with their WONK WONK WONK WONK's cut off.

Were there shenanigans in the OH vote? Maybe. But come on people (re Democratic Congresspeople) give me a break. Bush won the friggin election. Let the vote go through, then do your little studies to find out "what went wrong" and in 6 months we can learn that Kerry only lost by only 108,000 votes.

Oh, of course there were problems in Ohio. And in Washington State. And in every state that held an election. It's unavoidable.

Some shady characters try to game the system (my favorite being the ol' "keep the polling places open in the partisan district" ploy, but found ballots are another goodie). Mostly, however, it's just basic entropy: something as complex a process as polling millions of votes is going to get screwed up at the margins. Usually, such problems only matter when it's close.

The way to solve that problem is the way that problem has always been solved: write the rules down on paper, agree to them, and abide by them the day after the election. If my vote got thrown out because I did something wrong, I'd feel bad. . . but I'm not disenfranchised. If my vote got thrown out because someone else threw them out, I'd feel worse-- but I wouldn't be surprised (Hell, I'm from Chicago, voter fraud is practically a pasttime).

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